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Castle at the bottom of Tenkes | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

2020. February 27.
Siklósi Vár


First music video of the Castle of Siklós – No such thing made in Hungary before!

Our captain is figured out something again!
We made a music video about the castle, the idea is from Péter Szentgyörgyváry, from the captain of the Castle of Siklós who wrote the song and sings in it.

We tell it in a song!
We didn't make a regular commercial video, image film, we „tell it in a song” now to be known why you need to visit Siklós!

The performers in the music video are the employees of the castle!
If you visit the castle you can meet the people who are in the music video.

The whole history is present here from the beginning of 1270 through the World War II exhibit to our present days in the Castle of Siklós.


The purpose of the song:
To make attention to the curiosities of Siklós and its regions, to the living history of the Castle of Siklós, and „Hello, we are here!”, come on in and take a look around anytime!

The music is composed by the captain’s nephew in today’s style.
The past and the present are mixing in the music video just like in the castle.


The style of the song:
It is important and not a secret that our goal is to reach out to the younger generations who visits spectacular places of our history by the occasions of school trips and camps but not searching this kind of programs in their private times.

With the style of the song we would like to reach the youth, to invite them in the castle, and when they visit us maybe they will find the history more interesting.


Another interesting thing: the idea of the music video is born when our new captain has started to work here. Since then the shootings made continuously on our events, so this music video is the result of 3 years of work and events!